Bad Table Manners is a collective, a pack, a mob, a few of a kind. We can be a large baffling crowd, a small serene group or one person whose frame of mind is hard to grasp. Things are never the same.


Bad Table Manners is a platform, a manifesto, a place to fight or to cry. We are here to tell complicated stories, change our own opinions, show things some of us forget to notice, and to just have fun.


We do it with films, music videos, texts and photography. We do other secret things but secrets can never be told.


There are a few principles we all share. 

  • any racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and other *** must be acknowledged and dealt with; retributions must be paid.

  • gender expectations are arbitrary, transgender and non-binary people don’t have to prove their gender to deserve respect.

  • sex work is real work.

  • body shaming / mental health shaming / "sad people" shaming / any other shaming deserve a slap.

  • we choose validation and care instead of toxic positivity; no one wants to be unhappy.

  • we don't accept property but encourage things to have names; everything has been and will always be stolen.

  • it’s sexy to say thank you, apologise when you are wrong, show up on time, listen without interrupting, be kind, not nice; effort, thoughtfulness, appreciation, honesty, compassion, respect are sexy.

  • we love cuddles as well as fights, laziness as well as hard work, fun as well as boredom, sobriety as well as addictions, solitude as well as solidarity; it's silly to be judgemental when the world is ending anyways.

  • we believe in magic

  • we follow our dreams

  • we want everything


We are always welcoming those of you who are interested in collaboration. If you want to join one of our projects or you need help with your one, please, check the CONTACT US page to get in touch.


Lots of love


and equanimity.

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