We love music videos. Music videos is the best way to express your political anger, romantic affection, appreciation of friendship or frustration of the world. Everything can be a music video. Some might think that one needs big production companies, high budgets and cis-men in the main production roles to make things happen. We believe that DIY filmmaking can be of a great quality, unexpected collaborations can lead to amazing storytelling techniques and queer solidarity can provide everything needed to create outstanding video work. Long story short, other ways are possible.


Bad Table Manners offers affordable music videos production (lighting, filming, editing, colour grading) for female identified, transgender and non-binary people, refugees and sex workers. We can help you to write, direct and produce your music videos in a short period of time and on a small budget. We have a camera, lighting, editing and colour grading equipment but we can also advise you on other types of affordable equipment hire, if necessary. We welcome both modest stories and ambitious ideas. We can film you drinking tea on your sofa or setting things on fire, whatever conveys your ideas. Whatever is fun.


Additionally, we can film, edit and colour grade your live performances and go with you on tour to film all the fun and beauty of your time. We are open to any styles, ideas and equipment. 

We work on a sliding scale price principle and additionally accept PayPal donations which go towards equipment and further productions. 


Contact us to learn more, see our work and discuss details!